Real Estate Investing with
Elizabeth Kelly

Investor, Mentor, Coach

What people are saying about Elizabeth's training...

"Elizabeth has the knowledge and more importantly the experience when it comes to real estate investing and designing your life."
Gary Hibbert
Host of the Real Talk with Gary Podcast
"Elizabeth's knowledge and experience of being in the trenches with over 100 RTOs and managing over 300 units is NEXT LEVEL!"
Jodi Vetterl
Author and Real Estate Investor
"Elizabeth coaches with gentle guidance and positive reinforcement. What I like best about working with Elizabeth is her creativity."
Debbie Gilbert
Founder, Antrim Capital
"Elizabeth is one of the top level market thought leaders. She's experienced in all areas of real estate investing. Highly recommend learning from her."
Mandy Branham
The Joint Venture Specialist
"We focus on the Rent-to-Own real estate investment strategy. Elizabeth offers a structured program, customized to meet your individual needs."
Inna Isyumov
Founder, InnaVative Real Estate Inc.
"With her guidance and expertise I am investing in real estate, raising capital for deals, and most of all, I have a clear path to achieve my goals."
Zach Cahill
Founder, Sudbury REI Association

What's Included in Elizabeth Kelly's Real Estate Investing Courses?


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12 personalized 1:1 coaching sessions to provide intensive learning and support so you can build a solid foundation to your real estate portfolio.

REI DEEP DIVE - 1 on 1

24 1:1 customized educational real estate investing coaching sessions, with strategic planning and additional support when you need it most.

RENT TO OWN - 1 on 1

12 1:1 coaching sessions with a focus on the Lease Option Strategy. Everything you need from systems, processes and contracts to start your own Rent-to-own company in just a few months

Deal Support

A second set of eyes to complete in-depth deal analysis and help you decide whether to move forward with a potential investment opportunity.

Monthly Mastermind Webinars

Have you joined my Facebook Mastermind group yet? Click here to join like-minded investors to discuss and learn about real estate investing; you’ll also gain access to monthly webinars on current issues and relevant topics to accelerate your portfolio growth!

Meet Your Coach

Elizabeth Kelly

I help new and experienced real estate investors strategically and aggressively build their portfolios and maximize profits in order to achieve their goals more quickly and easily than they ever dreamed possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A good coach provides perspective, knowledge, and support to shorten your runway to achieve your goals. They remove blind spots, help you overcome limiting beliefs and provide guidance so you can achieve insurmountable goals – because you don’t know what you don’t know.

It can be. But so is investing without a plan and adequate knowledge! Coaching is an investment in yourself and your education. Some programs are very expensive (upwards for $50k), while others are more affordable. You must balance the investment in your education against the cost of proceeding on your own. What opportunities might you fail to maximize or miss out on all together because you did not have all the knowledge you needed in order to make a good decision within the next few weeks?

There are lots of people offering coaching services right now. You need to do your due diligence to find the right person to help you achieve your goals.  Here are a few considerations to keep in mind

  • Experience: What kind of relevant experience do they have? A couple of deals over a few years typically does not provide adequate experience to help you with long range planning and execution. Most investors make money when the markets are rising but it takes a skilled and educated investor to continue to thrive in a market down-turn. Ensure the coach you choose has a proven history of completing deals with the strategy you want to implement in all kinds for markets.
  • Reputation: Ask other investors in your network about their experiences dealing with a prospective coach. Are they known for being honest and ethical? Is their program known for helping people take action and achieve their goals?
  • Communication: Connect with former clients to get a sense of a coach’s educational approach and communication style. Then book a call discovery to determine if their coaching and communication style resonates with you.

With more than 8 years of experience as a real estate trainer and coach, Elizabeth has a ton of experience helping investors build their investment business. Plus, Elizabeth’s coaching programs are completely customized to YOUR individual needs. Weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 sessions provide you with consistent support and ensure that you are moving at exactly the right pace. Initial sessions establish your current position as well as where you want to be in the future. With this information you and Elizabeth will create a strategic plan to achieve your goals. The balance of your coaching sessions will be spent increasing your investment knowledge and applying the concepts in order to build your real estate business and acquire new investment properties.

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